This December is a month where a gate will close and another one will open!
We start with an amazing New Moon, which will ask us to re-evaluate our values, beliefs, connections, and how we see the world!
December is a month of REEVALUATION and the preparation for MANIFESTING OUR NEW SELF!
All the work we have done until December will slowly take a specific form in our external reality.
We might need to:
change friends because our new self will not be able to communicate anymore with our old friends
change our work because we might find our new selves with different values and better self-worth
make changes in our relationships that would lead to separation or a more profound commitment!

A small piece of advice:
You only live ones in this incarnation so try to “squeeze” every moment of life! Do not let time pass! If you are not happy in any sector of your life, find ways to change it. The period of losing ourselves in the comfort of suffering and numbness has gone. We are about to welcome the period of Awakening! will you be part of this period, or do you prefer staying old-fashioned?


Agapi loves taking people into a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. She mainly focuses on balancing feminine and masculine polarities, healing the inner child and embracing the matrilineal way of being.  Her work is a blend of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality. She is a world traveler who does her best to serve with gratitude and humbleness the Divine!