1. Sit silently, breath and stay away from your thoughts. It is good to keep always the spine straight and be comfortable. Try not to follow the thoughts that pass from your mind but let them pass and go.
  2. Stare at the flame of the candle
  3. Meditate by using the senses! You can spend some minutes caressing your skin and do this like a meditation. Place all your attention to the point where your fingers touch your skin and breath. Stay out of your mind. Nothing exists in this moment but the touch of your self. Same way you can listen to a song, look at a beautiful view, smell something you like or eat and let all your attention be inside your mouth!
  4. Cook like a meditation! Touch the vegetables or whatever you cook with consciousness. Be at the present moment! Smell them, observe their colour, their texture. Cook as you are doing the most important ceremony of your life!
  5. Walk and place your attention at the soles of your feet. Feel how your feet touch the ground.

A meditation can be anything where you place your attention somewhere, breath and at the same time be relaxed! The most powerful meditations are the ones who can also be combined with pleasure! Like for example the conscious eating of a food that you love!