Light a candle and look at the flame for about 3 minutes.

Breathe the fire in from your nose and visualize that penetrates your pineal gland and burns any low-vibration energy that is not aligned with your Spirit. Keep on breathing and bring it down to your heart.
Close your eyes in around 2 min, place one hand on your heart and feel how the light is melting the armor of it.

When the alarm rings, open your eyes and look yourself in the mirror. Start breathing from the mouth and only eye gaze yourself, without doing anything or thinking something. Be there, be present and look behind your eyes. What you will see is your Divine Self. If, in the beginning, the view is cloudy and foggy, it doesn’t matter. If you see something that. you do not like, embrace it and breathe in it. Everything is part of your Divinity!

Try to repeat this meditation every morning for approximately 7 days and write down your journey.

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