¨Flamenco is a feeling that arises from the heart and moves all your body altering its speed and direction.

 When dancing, you feel how the rhythm fills up  every pore of your skin.

You feel how your energy wakes up hidden powers of the body by stimulating the creativity, movement and inner piece.¨

bailaora flamenco

My flamenco classes (as they are)

My flamenco classes begin with warming up exercises in order to prepare the body for dancing.

Then we pass to the technique field by learning how to move our feet, hands, arms, turns, etc.

I always end my class with choreography or an improvisation mode in order for the students to feel that they are dancing, creating and releasing all negativity of every day life.

My goal in the flamenco classes is to help students to feel the rhythm by connecting themselves with the earth, spend a good time dancing and finding a way to express themselves without shame and taboos.

At the present moment I do not give regular classes anywhere but only short courses.