Full Moon!

What is power? Humans have such a distorted interpretation of power.
They think that power is authority, physical power, manipulation, money, God and more.

This might be a power that derives from the mind, but there is another power, a lot more connected to our body, the power of Vulnerability!

When the heart’s chakra finally opens, and we allow ourselves to stand upright, holding space for our vulnerable heart, without hiding ourselves behind an armor or a mask, we can feel that power.
Vulnerability is not weakness! It is a state of being where you can be yourself with all positive and negative!
It is a beautiful space of real freedom and power where you celebrate your Existence!

This Full Moon is helping us access that power!

After 20.00 (your time), light a candle and look at the Moon (if it is cloudy, it is enough to only look at the sky)
Start breathing from the mouth and visualize that you let the Moon enter, with each inhalation, from your mouth and land in your heart.
Slowly the Moon covers your heart and heals any fear of commitment, Vulnerability and resistance to surrender the Divine.

After a couple of minutes, place both hands on your heart and bow to the Moon, showing gratitude for your healing!


Agapi loves taking people into a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. She mainly focuses on balancing feminine and masculine polarities, healing the inner child and embracing the matrilineal way of being.  Her work is a blend of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality. She is a world traveler who does her best to serve with gratitude and humbleness the Divine!