A beautiful opportunity to awaken our inner Mother!
We all hide a mother and a father inside of us. The mother is the one who takes care of us, cooks for us, hugs us, and is always there to listen to us. The father is the one who protects us, who takes decisions, and who encourages us to move in life!
This full Moon helps the archetype of our internal MOTHER to blossom!

The ceremony of today is:
Light a candle. Take a shower or a bath. Find a silent space and meditate for five minutes. Breathe deeply and dive inside your body. Feel your heart, your belly, your lungs, your stomach and most of your internal organs.

After five minutes, continue feeling your organs by saying the phrase: “Thank you.”

Show your gratitude to each of them; they do so much for you, and you barely give them your attention.
In the night, look at the Moon (if it is cloudy, look at the sky and imagine the Moon) and ask the archetype of the mother who lives in the Moon to keep you always safe, healthy, with abundance and love.

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