An excellent opportunity for a massive transformation!

Meditate, Meditate and Meditate

The Full Moon of the 28th of January is very powerful! It can create conflicts, destruction or transformation, and deep healing, depending on how you live it.

The energy of this full Moon (which starts almost a week before the full Moon and lasts around a week after) affects four main sectors of our life: our Ego, our ability to Embody the Spirit, to Materialize in life and to Let go of anything that does not serve us anymore. 

We will feel that all these sectors will become a soup, boiling at a very high temperature, during this full Moon period!

Be Conscious, Be Present and Observe your Ego and your Shadow!

The CEREMONY of this Full Moon is:

Choose four things that represent each of the above sectors. Place them on the floor in a shape of a cross and sit in the middle.

Look at each and one of them for around 3 minutes. Write down all the positive and negative aspects of those sectors at the present moment in your life. 

For example:

EGO-Generous, Affective, Joyful… / Negative thoughts, Fear of loneliness, Fear of shine…

EMBODY THE SPIRIT- Strong Will to manage it finally… /Fear of accepting Godliness within…

MATERIALIZE- Good strategy, discipline…../ Feeling small in society, Rejection of money….


When you finally finish, read out loud what you wrote to yourself. Bow to your ability to be honest and transparent, stand up and place the writings in your Heart. Close your eyes and let your Heart (the center of your Being) absorb everything you wrote. Let your Heart heal the negative and boost up, even more, the positive.

Sleep with the shutters slightly open and visualize that the light of the Full Moon will help you complete your journey during your sleep!


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