Generosity is not only towards others but also towards ourselves. Generosity can be a beautiful gift when you know when to use it, to whom and how!
Money and good timing go together. Money is energy and the exchange of energy has a meaning. There are moments that we do not have to spend this energy and moments that if we do not spend it, it might get blocked and stay stuck for a long period of time. For example, there are times that I go to the super market and my intuition might say “today you have to buy only almond milk (for example) even though I also need to buy bread and carrots” in a couple of hours or couple of days my intuition might say “today go for the carrots and the bread”. The interesting part of all is that when I do not buy, in a very strange and magic moment I do not have the appetite to eat the specific products.
Everything is important! The person or company you exchange the energy of the specific product and the time you do it!
It sounds a bit strange but if we go deeper and we analyze it, we will end in quantum physics!
So, the key here is the same key everywhere “INTUITION”!
So, today:
FEEL! you can do it, we all have antennas for that. We only need to believe them and be a bit out of common logic…
Many times during the day just visit your Heart and stay there (stay out of your Mind)
Unfortunately there are no many exercises on creating generosity in the appropriate timing, it comes only when you are connected with your Intuition!

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