We are humans and not robots structured in a specific ordinary way. What makes us humans is the contrevarsy and variety of seven and more energetic centres that are called chakras and that each and one of them is a small laboratory that focuses on a balanced and blissful way of being.

If there is no an equal distribution of energy in all chakras then the whole being enters in a state of dictatorship.

Unfortunatelly the way we grow up in our society, especially in the western world, makes us focus more in the “upper” chakras boosting up more our thinking process and disconnecting us from the rest of the body. Anything that has to do with the physical body then it becomes shame, not appropriate, bad seen and sometimes even a sean (depending on how big the influence of the religion has being in the society of family)

How to change that and become more democratic bodies:

Everything starts from the Mothers! unfortunately women of this world they have children not when their soul tells them to but when any extrernal factor demands it. These women most of the times are totally disconnected from their physical body and their intuition. That means that they follow in a totally blind way all the instructions of the mind based medical system. For example there used to be that tendence especially in the past generation of women to breastfeed their children every specific time or generally treat the baby not according the relationship of mother-baby based on the intuition but based on logic and structure. That totally nums the child from its own connection with the body and of course the continuation of its education by the school, family, society encourages even more that disconnection.

So my suggestion to the women is that if they desire to be mothers is totally necessary first to become “women”! That means to establish their connection with their physical body and their intuition first so that they can be able to “listen” and feel what their baby needs in every moment and not fill up the baby with unhealthy mind programmed information.

Another way that we can make things better and especially if it already too late and we have grown up is:

1. Go back to physical activities! Tho body is designed to move and not to sit hours and hours in front of a screen of a computer or a television. Find time to do any physical activity and if it is possible out in the nature or at least in a most natural environment than a gym. In natural based societies people move more than they sit while in our society it happens exactly the opposite. Then we feel sick and instead of listening the need of the body and what it asks us to do in order to heal it we go to the doctor and we fill up our body with chemicals and sometimes with surgeries. In a few words we choose the indulgence of laziness more than the well being of our body that can be created by movement and healthy physical action.

2. Go back to healthy sexual pleasure! Embrace your sexuality without any feelings of shame, guilt and fear. Our sexual energy is the main energy supply of the body. If our sexual energy does not flow freely in our body then the body has to use the vital energy of our organs in order to survive. That leads us into a subdued way of living without being able to fulfill our dreams and even our mission in life that is the reason that we have come to this world! (I will be soon posting an article on how to find our mission and what to do to accomplish it)

3. Betray society and family structure! No one asks us if we want to adopt the specific way of living in a world of structure, rules, service, constant suffering (that is almost accepted as natural!) and obeying! In order to go out of this fake way of being called “matrix” is not necessary an external revolution, like going out to the streets shouting and rebelling against, or taking part in non ending conversations about the subject. Keep your energy and create an internal revolution of betraying everything that society, family and religion infused you without your permission. That means that you will need to make a deep detoxification from the unseen energetic information in every vaccination, social media brain washing, food intoxication, beliefs and traumas created in the family and more.

If you need more information and more support on your journey you can join my workshops/retreats in your country or somewhere around the world.

It is possible create an independent and happy life. It is just depend on you and NO ONE else!