When that deep realization occurs there is no way back…You cannot return to the “oblivion” that God is outside and has nothing to do with you.

This realization feels like falling in love (Eros) with the only part of yourself that is Real. What happens when the unreal falls in love with the Real…?
The unreal dissolves in the Presence, Light and Unconditional Love that our Real Self is!
I would love to share this realization with you and if it is possible help you also live it (if you haven’t experienced it yet) and feel the magnitude of your Being!
My suggestions for that are:

  • Light on your candle in the name of Realizing that you are Divine Being or God or Goddess or However you wish to call it.
  • Find something in the nature that you love and be one with it (it can be the sun, a flower, a tree, the sky, the sand, the sea, etc). Feel as if you make love to It and just loose yourself inside the presence of Nature.
  • Breathe deep and feel the air penetrating you as the cosmic energy-power of God that exists everywhere (outside and inside and all around)