In this one – day workshop we get in touch with our Inner Child, we reconnect with him/her and we give him/her the chance to express him/herself the way that has never expressed throughout his/her childhood.


When we come to the world we are free Spirits inside a human’s body, fully excited to discover the magic of this world! Unfortunately our “educators” (family, school, society, religion, etc) do not act according the Unconditional love but according the Authority, that they have also experienced from older generations.


The way we grow up and the way we get educated (starting from the moment of our conception!) affects and influences all aspects of our life till the moment we die!


Every rejection, abandonment, abuse, violent action, manipulation and repression has become information well stored in our subconsciousness, that leads us throughout all our lives, even though we think that we are the ones who lead!


Getting in touch with our inner child, liberating it from the repression of the education and giving it a space of expression can create a very solid and strong base for the initiation of our introspective and self-know journey.


Without reconnecting with our inner child, during our process of self-improvement, we might fall in the trap of creating a Spiritual Ego, instead of coming back to the Heart and to Unconditional Love, that only our “child” knows how to access.


We will deepen into:

  • Relationship with Mum and Dad
  • Booling or any kind of trauma coming from a group (school, friends, general activities, etc)
  • Repression of our mission in this life and how to get there