Inner child

The part of us that resides deep in our subconscious and has stored all the memories of our childhood. It is us being children from the moment we were in our mother’s womb till puberty.
Unfortunately, we raise up in a way that goes totally against acceptance and unconditional love, even though most of the times our parents do almost everything from a space that they call it love but Love has such a general and misunderstanding meaning…

“Mum-Dad, you keep asking me every time to do more things, to act better…always something more…I do it, I try it… but you are never satisfied…. I am trying so hard to be who you want me to be…
What else do you want?
Well, you know something mum…today I understood that finally, the most important thing for me is who I really am and not who you want me to be! Accept and embrace your disappointment that I am not who you want me to be and come to me with joy to know me better!
  I’m the ‘essence of love’ and the blossom of this ‘essence’ has already started to bloom inside of me! I ‘welcome’ those who are ready to accept this beautiful blossom of my Heart!”

Categories: Spirit and human