When a woman’s inner healthy man is absent, she might become manipulative and sometimes not ask what she wants with honesty and a straightway.
For example, some women sometimes yearn a man’s hug, and instead of just asking for a hug, they end up having sex with him so that they can only feel a bit of that hug.

If the man, during sex, is full of affection and hugs, they will be pleased. But if it is just cold sex, then they will feel worse than before.

These women need to know that asking for a hug is not a weakness, but something natural they have all the right to ask without “paying” a hug with a sex that might not desire at that moment.

Do not forget that you always have your inner man to hold you if there is no one outside to do that or if your outside man is not in a mood of sharing hugs. Feel yourself and ask whatever you desire!
Men prefer honest and transparent communication!

Be sensitive whenever you feel like that, a wild tiger whenever you also feel like that, and for God’s sake, stop switching off the light when having sex so that he won’t see your cellulite! He does not care!

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