Our inner man is responsible for the presence and honesty we show to ourselves.
If he is healthy then he is almost impeccable.
That does not mean that he cannot make mistakes or that he has to be strict and demanding to himself/herself.
That means that no matter what the truth is, inside him/her, he has all the courage to see it, embrace it and understand it,
without any judgment and punishment.

An exaple can be:
A woman that is married for many years and deep inside of her feels that she needs to take divorce but she does not want to admit it. In this case her inner man is quite weak in order to stay fully present in the moment of introspection and decoding of her real feelings.
Our biggest fear in the moment of listening the inner truth is the fear of a possible change!
What we can do in order to relieve this fear is to promise ourselves that we do not need to take any decisions directly.
We just listen to what our Soul needs to share with the mind and then we can move on when we feel ready to.
Living a life of lack of inner honesty is like a constant betrayal of our inner God/Goddess.
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