13th of January, New moon!

If this New moon could speak, it would say, “I am your true path in life! I am your talents, gifts, and mission. Today I open a gate for you to step inside the palace of your dreams. Are you ready to make the step and become who you are? Are you ready to start fulfilling the reason of your incarnation?”

A very powerful New Moon of 2021 that helps us manifest, especially in our profession, what the Spirit desires!

You will live the energy of this new moon according to your relationship with the Spirit. If what the Spirit desires is not the same as the plans of your Ego, then you might enter into an internal conflict, confusion, and frustration.

The ceremony of this New Moon is:
In the night and before you sleep light a candle, play your favorite music and drink a nice wine or anything you like. Imagine that you are on a date with the Spirit. You can talk, share a wine, laugh together, and at some point, dance with the Spirit.

Dance a slow romantic dance. Whether you are a man or a woman, close your eyes and let the Spirit guide you. Breathe deeply and surrender. Try to feel where the Spirit would like to take you in your life from now and on. When you finish dancing, you can show your gratitude and go to bed.
Avoid getting in touch with your computer or mobile afterward. Sleep with the experience still alive inside of you, and let’s see what will happen in your dreams…!

Categories: Spirit and human