January: The month of TRUTH!


We live in layers of Truth inside of us or, maybe better said, layers of lies that we perceive as Truth!

These lies serve only one purpose; to maintain our reality’s structure and keep us “safe” in our comfort zone. 

Regardless of whether this reality is beneficial for us or not, we need to keep it alive and stable. Otherwise, we will get in touch with our worse enemies: Being different, Being alone, and Being independent!

It might sound surrealistic saying that some of the above characteristics are enemies, but they are! They are enemies of our Ego structure, the form of our False Self, and the solid personality created by the external influence we received in life. This structure is so powerful that even the most prominent gurus or spiritual teachers feel small and helpless when they need to let this structure go.

January is the first month of the western calendar year. It is named after God Janus, the God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. According to other sources, January is named after the Goddes Juno, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Hera.

The energy of the month is clear and direct. It is like the sword’s energy that clears all obstacles between you and the absolute Truth. It will depend on you whether you will find the courage to use this sword or not!


  1. Spend some time meditating
  2. Write in your diary how you feel daily
  3. Go for therapy or any activity that can help you find the strength, to be honest with yourself
  4. Spend time in nature

There is a beautiful and ancient story called Odyssey. It is a symbolism of the journey that one initiates in the fields of his/her darkness. Odysseas (the leading figure of the story) is each and one of us trying to find the way back home that is called the island Ithaca. It is not a comfortable journey, but it is worth to try it…!

I share with you here a beautiful poem of the Greek poet Kavafis, recited by Sean Connery. I hope it will speak to your Soul the way it does to mine every time I read it!

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