Should I step into my heart, or should I not?

Most of us know how to lead or follow from a space of our mind.
January is a month asking to do the same and including the heart.
Including the heart in how to live our lives converts the inner archetype of the dictator and the slave into a king and a queen.
Opening our heart chakra and giving it the space it deserves requires a massive amount of courage! It is not easy to “betray” the illusionary dictatorship of the mind that we think is true and we are so attached to.

Usually, the steps of transformation are the following:
First, you realize that you live in a dictatorship of the mind, and your heart is just its slave. Then you start boosting up the heart with consciousness and energy. When the heart starts awakening, it will demand her space. The space she owns and the mind stole from her.
At that moment, you will probably step into an internal conflict between the mind and the heart, something very healthy and necessary in this transition.
The conflict will probably end when you reach the limits of exhaustion and decide to let go and give each center the space that represents.
The heart is where our Queen resides, responsible for our self-worth, self-love, and expansion to the world.
The mind is where our King resides, responsible for making things happen by following a discipline, harmony, and strategy!

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Agapi loves taking people into a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. She mainly focuses on balancing feminine and masculine polarities, healing the inner child and embracing the matrilineal way of being.  Her work is a blend of shamanism, art, tantra, dance and spirituality. She is a world traveler who does her best to serve with gratitude and humbleness the Divine!