The beginning of this month initiates a new chapter in most people’s lives. If you happen to be one of those who have been totally “knocked out” by the energy of 2020 now its time to collect part of the fruits of your “death and rebirth”!
The people who have done the work of letting the Ego die and give the lead to the spirit now will feel blessed and very grateful to themselves for having made the work! You will feel that a new world is opening in front of you with new possibilities and chances. You will embrace the archetype of the queen/king and finally sit on your throne!
Celebrate! create a strategy of a new beginning! What do you want in your life? Which part of your life needs to become better? Is life giving you what you worth or not? and if not why? What are the changes you need to do to raise your self-worth?
This is the perfect moment to find answers to those questions! You have clarity, maturity and you are full of energy to create a better life. Go for it!
If you haven’t done the work that is required for this “update” do not worry… the year is full of opportunities for a deep work of introspection and internal transformation!

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