In the sacred teachings of Kabbalah we can find a perfect way of how feminine and masculine can interact and how we can easily find them in the four elements of our planet.
In the tree of life (Kabbalah) we find the four elements in this specific order:
1. Fire (Spirit) Masculine
2 Water (Intuition) Feminine
3 Air (Mind) Masculine
4 Earth (Materialization) Feminine

Everything starts with the Spirit, the immortal part that resides inside of us, that communicates with our body through our intuition. The intuition has to be decoded by the mind and then we just act in order to materialize what the Spirit wants.
For example, imagine your Inner God/Goddess that wants to create a company. You will first sense a feeling that you need to do something in business but you do not know exactly what.
Then, if your ‘channeling’ skills work well you will be able to decode into specific understanding what your intuition says.
Then you plan the way you can make it happen and then you can just do it.
That would be the perfect path that our inner Divinity would use in order to express Itself in the ordinary life!
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