Our energetic body is of the same importance as our physical.
The energetic body ends approximately where our arms end if we open them straight out to the side, level with our shoulders.
All bodies are connected. The physical body is the more solid, then the emotional less solid, and the energetic a lot less solid (there are many more bodies but I am not going to mention them in this article).
If your energy body has a leak then you might be feeling tired, trapped in a situation, losing or not generating money, health problems, and more. If the energetic body is occupied by entities then, according to how strong they are, they might take the lead of your mental and emotional body and think/feel for you.
Keeping your energy clean is like developing a healthy diet for your physical body and exercise.
What you can do:

  • Avoid the media! All information coming out from the tv is designed in a way to first influence your emotional body, especially with fear and then your energy.
  • Avoid people that are toxic.
  • Start (if you are not already there) a journey of deep introspection and healing of your childhood traumas as well as everything you have inherited from your family trees. Most of the entities we carry have been born by traumas that are kept inside of us since our childhood.
  • After a break up from a relationship do some work of cutting cords.
  • If your house does not have an energy that is helping you charge your batteries, try to move to another place.

Tips for everyday energetic hygiene:

  • Use incense at home, especially rosemary, copal, and sage
  • Clean the floor of your house with seawater
  • Whenever you come back home from outside (especially if you live in a big city) spray yourself with rose water
  • Swim in the sea as much as possible
  • Ask for help from the four elements. Every time for example you feel the wind blowing towards you, ask it to clean you, the same with the water while you are in the shower, and more.

A clean energy body is the first step for a good physical immune system, healthy life, a flow of money, and success in all your relationships!

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