Love-me reiki is a process of sharing the energy of the earth with yourself and others.

The way that it works is as follows: the energy of the earth penetrates the healer from the first chakra and reaches the chakra of the heart where it spreads out and creates an electromagnetic field of unconditional love.

Benefits of Love-me reiki

Spiritual field

  • The electromagnetic field of unconditional love formed in the presence of the therapist through his/her connection with the earth can “cleanse” the patient’s electromagnetic field from entities and generally from low vibrations that may come from the matrix, childhood traumas or sexual intercourse.
  • It helps raise one’s consciousness so that, in the treatment process the patients can observe for themselves what is happening to them and recognize the difference of vibrations.

Psychological field
The energy can help the patient’s Higher Self, heal childhood and other traumas. Since this healing energy continues to work in the patient over the 7 days following the treatment, it is recommended that therapist to leave at least 7 days between sessions.

Physical level
It can help the body heal itself by using the high vibration of love

In general, all bodies have the solution to any problem. The problem lies in the communication between the body and the brain’s perceptual ability. That means that the body knows exactly what it takes to heal itself, but our perception cannot hear it because the communication between consciousness and the body has been lost and replaced by consciousness and mind or logic.

What love-me reiki does is help the consciousness realize what is needed for the specific healing.

It is a beautiful self-healing process that the therapist can only be a channel that distributes unconditional universal love to the patient and nothing more!

By passing Unconditional Love to the patient we create the perfect surrounding for the body to relax, open and start a beautiful “self-healing” process!