“When you dance tango you can feel how two bodies become one and flow in the sound of the music, the breath, the rhythm, the heart…”

Whether you are a man or a woman you will get in touch with both polarities in order to balance them, heal them and highlight them.

We will feel the polarity of yin and yang, men will learn how to lead a woman and at the same time how to also lead their life.

Women will learn how to surrender to the wisdom of Shiva and flow into life by surrendering to their Higher Self’s desires.

A beautiful way to heal our inner relationship with our inner man and our inner woman.


Tango (balance, communication, polarities, etc)

  • open the Heart chakra
  • deepen in the polarities of masculine and feminine
  • take decisions and keep them
  • setting up goals
  • surrender to what it is…


My personal experience dancing tango:
I feel through the body of each man. I can sense his fears, his strength, his weakness, his emotions, his heart…
I remembered my mom what she used to say when she was teaching me how to dance “You do not need to know the steps when you dance with a man, you just need to follow him. If he knows how to guide you then you will have a great time, if not just let him do his best”
Tango is exactly like our inner dance of polarities. When we realize this “dance” of duality inside of us, with all cells of our body and not only with my mind, we can start living a more balanced and complete life!

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