The love-me method is the fruit of several years of dedicated research and personal introspection, drawing on more than a decade of experience, helping people on their path of self-development.

The result is a therapeutic method which accelerates the growth of consciousness, by shining a light on the sub-conscious, and thus illuminating the area where all childhood wounds, programs and thought forms exist.


An integral part of this method is a workshop called Love-me, which combines many different tools of introspection, facilitating a deep and permanent transformation. The effectiveness of this method is attributed to the way it works all aspects of the self: spiritual, psychological, mental and physical.


The main focus of Love-me is to totally embrace our self, both “negative” and “positive” aspects, in order to be able to accept and love it unconditionally.


In this workshop we will reinforce our relationship with our inner child, we will cut any unhealthy energetic cords that prevent us blossoming in our full femininity or masculinity, we will allow our sacred sexual impulse to embrace our vulnerable heart and we will surrender in the Hands of our inner God or Goddess.


The Love-me course is mainly focused on people, who would like to learn how to live their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill up the emptiness inside of them by creating unhealthy attachments, without being afraid to live in their power and love.
Our main targets will be:
1. Improving our life by finding what changes we need to make
2. Healing our childhood wounds
3. Boosting and enjoying our sexuality, the source of our vitality!
4. Balancing our inner feminine and masculine side
The exercises in the workshop also work directly with our self-esteem and self-worth and so along helps us define our boundaries (the ability to define internally and externally between what is good for us and what is not). It helps us simply to say “yes” and “No”.


Some of the tools used in order to achieve our goals are:

Active meditations

Inner child healing

Regression to other lives

Conscious therapeutic dance

Tantric meditations for individuals

and some times a  Cacao Ceremony that will help us open our Heart and receive the Unconditional Universal Love!