A perfect way to prepare your energetic and emotional body for a beautiful summer!

You will need:

Turmeric (in powder)
Rice (basmati if possible)

Concerns over turmeric supply after flooding in India - New Food ...

Procedure: You first cook the onions with the cloves, when the onions start getting red you add the tomatoes (cut in small cubes), the turmeric and the rice.

Magical procedure: Before you cook, write down everything you would like to happen during the summer. At the end of your writing add the phrase “Only if my Higher Self allows”.

While you cut the onion breathe deep and let the tears cleanse anything that is not allowing you to create the reality that you wrote on your paper.

Place the onion on the fire, with a little bit of oil and stir clockwise (stir always with a wooden spoon!).

Clove, entire

Take the cloves in your left hand (for a cup of rice you will need around 7 cloves) and visualize that each and one of them will prepare your chakras for the manifestation of your intention. Add them with love and respect to the cooking pot and keep on stirring clockwise till the onions take a pink colour.

Cut the tomatoes in cubes. Do not think of anything, just feel the texture in your hands and observe the red colour. Breathe in the red colour and imagine that you breath in the fire of the manifestation!

Add the tomatoes and keep on stirring clockwise!

Take a spoon (any type of spoon except metal, you can use plastic or wooden or any other material) and add the turmeric by saying “Let it be the way that the Spirit desires”

Now the stirring process changes. Stir anticlockwise for at least 7 times and bow to the magic food that is now ready to materialize your dreams, only if your Spirit allows and accepts that is good for you!

Add the rice and the equivalent water (better measure it) and let it cook.

Of course you can add salt and some pepper (not a lot).

General tips:

-It is good to use oils that are better suited for cooking at higher temperatures. Some of them are corn oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil.

-Do not use metal utensils (for example you can use a plastic spoon or wooden to add the turmeric) and for cooking always use a wooden spoon

-Is always good to use sheet of papers without lines to write down your wishes (at the end of your cooking do whatever you feel with the paper)