Having ideas is easy; making these ideas a reality is not.
Our Mind can give birth to many different ideas, and we can even promise ourselves that we will make them a reality, but we do not always keep that promise.

Why is this happening, and what can we do to change it?

If the idea is good, there is enough energy and will power; there is no reason not to become a reality! If it finally doesn’t work out, it is more important to try to manifest it and fail than not trying at all!

Usually, what stops us from manifesting or trying to manifest our ideas is our fear of growing and making steps in life. This fear can be the result of childhood traumas, the information we have inherited from our family tree, and a wound created in us when we tried in the past to do things, and it didn’t work.

Some of the main reasons for sabotaging manifestation are:

  • Being afraid to create abundance
  • Being afraid to make mistakes
  • Being too perfectionist
  • Being embarrassed to show ourselves to others
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Being in a depression
  • Being afraid to shine.

The best way to heal the above factors is through different therapies such as psychotherapy, family constellation, hypnotherapy, therapeutic astrology, breathwork, and more.
The ways I could help you with that are my Intuitive Readings and my Self Development sessions.

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