What do you want in life? Not what you suppose to want, or you have to want so that everyone is happy around you, but what do YOU REALLY want?

The power of manifestation is like taking a taxi and going towards a destination. Sometimes we have a very clear direction, and sometimes not. The problem starts when there is no communication between our mind, our emotions, and our body. Maybe the mind asks the taxi to take us somewhere and the emotions or the body somewhere else! Manifestation cannot happen when we are not aligned internally in all our bodies!

This Full Moon says: There is plenty of energy in all Universe to make your wishes come true, but this will only happen when your wishes are clear, and they are coming from a balanced space.

A ceremony that can help you find this balance and is good to do it on this Sunday afternoon is:
Take a glass of water and place it in the middle of a table. Stand in front of the water facing East. Look at the power of East, breathe, and feel you are inhaling the energy you need to cleanse your pineal gland from any energetic manipulation. Then stand on the other side of the table (but still in front of the water, which is in the middle of the table) and face West. Inhale from the mouth and let the energy cleanse your Heart from any emotional stagnation. Then stand facing North and still in front of the water, open your arms and surrender to the Divinity inside you and finish with standing towards South. While facing south, take the water in your right hand if you are a man or your left hand if you are a woman and drink the blessing of all Directions.

After that listen to a beautiful music and spend some relaxed time!

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