Some days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack. This does not usually happen to me. I might have difficult nights but not panic attacks.
I had no idea where it was coming from…
I went out of bed and started meditating. I entered deep inside that panic and felt that I was connecting to the unconscious collective, to what most people were feeling.
It was powerful! A mixture of fear, sadness, anger and frustration were expanding everywhere around the world. I felt the need to connect with mother earth as soon as possible. I went out to my garden, stood under the rain, and hugged an olive tree. I asked the rain, the tree, and the whole earth to help me keep myself centered in my emotions and protect me from whatever is not mine. After some time, I felt peaceful again and went back to bed.

Many people are complaining about facing big problems in their lives in this current moment. It is like nothing goes right! From things that are constantly breaking at home to big fights and health issues.

I sense and channel that there is an accumulation of low-vibration emotions in the unconscious collective field. Simultaneously, there is a huge amount of potent high-vibration energy coming from the Universe and the Earth’s inner part.
Even though these two energies create a general conflict, they do not necessarily have to influence you in a bad way. If you are flowing and embracing the Universal energy, if you continue working on your traumas and your issues, this energy can be a powerful ally. On the other hand, if you keep your resistances alive and do not follow any self-healing practice, you will take part in the two vibrations’ conflict, where you might add on your issues.

March is a month of new beginnings! The beginning of Spring, where everything starts being extroverted! Flowers are blossoming; the birds come back, the sun comes out, the trees are almost smiling, and you can smell the return of Goddess Persephone from the depths of the “Underworld”! The world of Hades, the world of internal transformation.

Stay connected to yourself! No matter what is happening in the world, remember, you can create your reality! Observe how you are trying to escape from seeing inside of you. Maybe you are too much on your phone; maybe you place all your energy in your work; maybe you play games to keep your mind busy and not do the work, and more.

Stay connected to nature, stay away from the Matrix (the collective unconscious). Meditate, sleep, take care of yourself and you will find the energy you need for a new beginning in your life!
Our beautiful earth is already in an upgraded space, and she invites us to follow her!

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