Thousand years ago, when women were living in a complete freedom and had a strong connection with their female nature, they were deeply connected with their soul and body living always with love, pleasure, compassion and happiness.
Women used to talk with the wind, the earth, the fire and water by using their magestic power of Intuition and could maintain a life on this earth in harmony, balance and health.
Their body had more value than an altar or a church and their soul was able to live in total connection of their Dinine Self!

The woman in that period knew how to give birth in the nature, under the stars and the moon, crying out not from pain but from pleasure of an orgasm, as the most beautiful and enjoyable thing in life, is to bring a human being in the world.
So how can it be possible such a sacred action to be accompanied by pain?
The woman of that period used to love with all her existence because she didn’t know how to love differently.
There is no other way to love; either you swim in a lake filled up with the vibration of love or you live in a lie where you only try to satisfy others as much as you can, calling that “love”.
When the Sacred Woman died, another woman was born whose only interest was to satisfy, consciously or unconsciously the rules of the society, the family and the religion.

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