A powerful month of “coming out of our egg”!

This year Orthodox church has decided to celebrate Easter on the 2nd of May! 

People used to celebrate Easter even before Christianity. 

There are plenty of Goddesses that were worshipped during Easter and generally during Spring. 

Eostre or Ostara: an ancient Germanic Goddess of the Spring, transformed a bird into a rabbit, and the rabbit responded by laying colored eggs for her festival.

Ishtar or Astarte: Sumerian goddess of fertility and sexual love. 

Persephone: daughter of Demeter who comes back to the upper-world every Spring to visit her mother 

and more!

The way I see Easter is from the perspective of a New Beginning! We are slowly going out of winter, the period of transformation and internal Death, and now we are ready to jump into a New Self! 

We are prepared to let go of the old and embrace the New. 

May 2021 is “colored” by the energy of the Return of the Goddess! With this phrase, I mean the awakening of our femininity and the healing of our masculinity! 

We are entering a deep healing process, starting from May and reaching its peak in August with Lion’s gate. It is a healing process that we will all experience, whether we like it or not! It is a process of healing our hearts by entering in compassion, understanding, forgiveness (letting go) and self-love.

Happy Transformation period for all!  

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