Presence is our ultimate power. If we are not living totally inside our physical body in the present moment, then we are not living inside our real power! Every time we decide to abandon our body and live in our mind, then something else occupies our body.

This is a beautiful and easy meditation that you can do anywhere (just do not do it while you are driving!) and will help you be more inside your body and less inside your mind, lost somewhere in the future or past.

So, let’s begin:

Light a candle and find a comfortable position.

Place all your attention inside a part of the lower side of your body, it can be your right or left knee, a foot, a part of your legs…

After you visit a couple of places in your lower body visit your first chakra.
Be 100% inside your physical body in the level of your first chakra. Feel your genitals, your anus, your perineum and breathe there.

After approximately a minute, place all your attention on your second chakra, around four fingers under your belly button. Do the same like before. Feel your internal organs, your muscles, your blood.

After a minute go higher, to the third chakra. Follow exactly the same steps for each chakra. Stay in each place for about a minute and try to feel your physical body from inside.
Everytime you are in a chakra imagine that this is the only part of your body that exists!

Visit seventh chakra only for a couple of seconds and then imagine that from the seventh chakra you take an elevator and you start going down your body.

Pass by the sixth chakra, the throat and if you are a woman stop in the chakra of your heart, open the doors of the elevator and step out in your heart. If you are a man do the same in your third chakra.

After this meditation try to stay, as much as you can, inside your third or fourth chakra accordingly. Remember: all chakras are like plants that need to be watered and taken care. Visit them often so that you can create a state of balance inside of you!

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