The women of today have managed to be really successful in their work, marriage, children, friends and society. Unfortunately, on this constant effort to be almost “perfect”, that the expectations of a masculine-designed world demands, they forget what their Heart really desires and then some questions arise:

  • Do I live the life I want to live?
  • Am I really happy in my relationship, in my marriage, in my work?
  • Do I dare to be the woman I want to be or I am too conditioned by the rules of society, family, religion, etc?
  • Am I afraid to open my heart and surrender?
  • Do I live in peace and balance between my masculine and feminine side?
  • Do I really know my sexual desires and how I would really like to live them?
  • Am I following my dreams without getting influenced by the opinion of others?

In this workshop we will create a safe space, only for women, so that we can deepen inside ourselves and find the answers that will help us increase the quality of our life, our health and our authenticity.

We will:

  • Learn our cycle and its beauty
  • Connect with the Four archetypical Goddesses
  • Feel the difference of our healthy masculinity and femeninity
  • Celebrate and embrace our sexuality
  • Understand and adopt a new way of living in a masculine world but without loosing our sacred nature!