What is the mission in life?

We all design, before our incarnation, the path our soul needs to take, in order to develop itself on this planet. This path contains our talents, our gifts, the obstacles we face, our traumas, the people we will meet, situations, places, and most of all a specific mission.

The mission is our contribution to this planet, as well as a way to expand the uniqueness of our soul and the love towards ourselves and others. The mission is one of the main reasons for our incarnation. It is something like the route of a boat on the sea. Not all boats follow the same routes and not all of them go to the same destination. Through our mission we express the unique flavour of our soul and we contribute to the manifestation of a better Earth!

Even though most of the time the mission is expressed by our profession it can also find other ways of expression such as: to become a mother, a father, or just to be happy and enjoy life on this planet.

Unfortunately, our family, our society, our religion and generally the way we grow up can take us away from our mission. For example, a boy who was born to become a dancer and grows up in a family with the belief that the profession of a dancer is not appropriate for a boy might never enter his mission. Maybe this boy ends becoming a lawyer or something else that has nothing to do with his mission.

Things we can do to find our mission in life:

  • Try to remember what you wanted to become when you were a child
  • Observe what makes you happy
  • Observe your talents and gifts and think about how you can include them in a profession
  • Meditate and check what happened when you were a child and blocked your mission

The ways I can help you in finding your mission in this life is with my projects:

The New Man (for Men)

The power of the Menstrual Cycle (for Women)

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