Embrace the Sacred Feminine

and find the Goddess inside of you

“Seminar for women focusing on the activation and healing of the Womb”

new women 2016

The womb is one of the most magic organ inside a woman’s body!

It is a ‘palace’ where everything is created, from a baby to a project that can come out from a simple idea.

Women, we are all mothers whether we have children or not. Inside us we have the ability to grow any idea, project, wish, etc.

When we plant a seed in the earth it becomes a tree. When we have an idea and we plant it in our womb it can be materialized.

In order to achieve the materialization of the ideas we first have to focus on raising the energetic vibration of the womb. The vibration of the womb depends on our relationship with our femininity, our beliefs, our childhood traumas, etc

In my seminars I focus on helping women to ‘clean’ energetically their womb, by connecting themselves with the love, respect, self esteem and self worth that they hide inside.


It is a beautiful path!

We work on:

  • Past lives
  • Learning our cycle
  • The power of the Menstrual Blood
  • Connection with the Mother Earth
  • Healing traumas of the Inner Child
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Liberating Expression
  • Creativity

and finding that wild ‘Tiger’ inside of us that every woman always had and our Patriarchal society erased!