This New Moon will be like the light at the end of the Tunnel for many of us!
It is a New Moon holding an “arrow” and pointing to a new spot in our life!
Since the beginning of this year, we are experiencing a significant opportunity for transformation. This transformation is now reaching the first completion.
Many of us realized that we needed to make decisions and change aspects of our personalities.
Now is time to complete this transformation and channel it towards our external reality.

On Monday 14th of December write a letter with all changes you would like to make in your life. For example, a new work, a new partner, a new house, and more. If you find it easy to make these changes then design your strategy and go for it!

If you feel that you cannot manifest this reality write down what you think the obstacles are in order to materialize each of your desires. There is going to be a superficial obstacle that you need to overpass, like, “I cannot find a new work because right now no one is hiring people due to COVID.”

If you meditate and go deep inside, you will find another obstacle that resides inside you and is the one you need to listen to. This obstacle might be something like “I cannot find a new job because I am afraid of upgrading myself” and more.

Burn the letter and ask the new moon in Sagitarrius to help you materialize all your new plans. If you still think it is not easy to do so due to external reasons, ask for guidance to see the Truth!
There is nothing externally that creates reality for you; there is only You!!!! If you fall into the trap of believing the opposite, you will lose time and energy!

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