This full moon is sweet and full of the energy of the Goddess. Many people are sharing with me that they feel more emotional than ever, their heart opens and they start seeing life in a totally different way.

This new Moon is a blessing for our hearts!

If you want to take this blessing in, follow my ceremony.

You can do this ceremony from Friday 12th of March until Sunday 14th:

  • Light a candle in the name of your heart
  • Sing a song from your heart while looking at the flame and after that blow it out
  • Light it again and dance by looking every now and then at the fire. When the song ends, blow the candle out again
  • Light the candle ones more and meditate in silence for about 7 minutes. Take your consciousness to your heart and breathe there. After that, leave the candle to burn out.


Categories: Meditations & Rituals