Initiation into the Sacred dimension

of the Akashic Records

Goa 13-14 of February, 15.16.17

Poster Akashic Records 2

In this workshop you’ll learn how to access the Akashic Records. You are going to be able to channel all the information of your Higher Self and go far beyond the

The Akashic Records are a large library of files that include souls’ journeys, experiences, lessons of life and all information hidden in the depths of the subconscious. It is like the Sacred dimension of a ´Google´ where you can find any information about yourself in all lives and existence.

Through the access to the Akashic Records, we can communicate with the God or Goddess that resides inside of us and knows the right answer to any question

In order to find access to that dimension, we first need to clean, as much as possible, all the distortion that is well saved inside of us and prevents that access. This distortion can come form of childhood traumas, belief systems, expectations, inherited patterns from our family trees or social programs that do not let us live our true selves.

In this seminar we will start a deep journey of transformation by saving and healing the inner child, by increasing the ability to feel the Spirit more than the mind and by balancing our inner masculine and feminine side that also affects our communication with the Divine.

Our life is like a movie. The screen is our reality and the projector is our Self with everything that is carried in this and any other lives. One of the ways to access the projector is by accessing the Akashic Records. Being able to have access to the Akashic Records is one of the most valuable gifts, given to the majority of humanity the last years, in order to help our spiritual evolution and the

It is impossible to change the screen if you do not enter and change the discovery of true love.

Some of the main tools we use in our workshops are:

  • Family constellation
  • Breathwork
  • Tantra
  • Biodanza
  • Meditation
  • Shamanism
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Initiation for the access to the Akashic Records etc.

No matter the techniques we use in order to help you in your journey of transformation, our main tool is our love for the people who really try to find their True Self and yearn to meet the inner God or Goddess!

The seminar is going to be held in a full weekend workshop where we will offer the first initiation ceremony. After this weekend, we’ll offer an additional 3 days of practicing channelling through the Akashic Records and keep cleaning the cords that connect us with them.  In the end of the course we will offer the final initiation ceremony.

The workshop will be held by Agapi Apostulopoulou and Marc Rower.

Basic training: 2 days, 5,000 Rs. (4,000 Rs early bird price for registrations until Feb. 6)
Channeling practice and final initiation: 3 half days, 4,000 Rs (8,000 Rs for both parts, 7,000 Rs early bird price for registrations until Feb. 6)
Registration & Payment
Love Temple, Arambol Beach


Marc Rower-4119_cutMarc, a licensed psychotherapist from Germany travels through Asia and Europe, following his spiritual path and facilitating Active Mediations, Bio-Dynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release and Shamanic Healing circles. He also gives BioEnergetic Re-Balancing Massage and Tantric Massage trainings.



Agapi,  travels all around the world supporting people in their journey of personal growth by using her own tools and forms enjoying the unlimited path of Knowledge.

Some of her sessions are:Akashic sessions readings, Inner child therapy, Energetical cleansing of spaces by using the Akashic Records, Regressions to past lives, Coaching for couples, etc