Odyssey Level 1odyssey1 1

17 and 18 October

“Omroom” Bangkok, Thailand

We will start this first level of the Odyssey by questioning how much ready we are to start believing more to ourselves?

How much do we really want to discover a path that will connect us with our Higher Self and how much do we really want to be Kings and Queens and stop serving whatever is not true to our spirit?

Assisting to this seminar is a gift of love that you do to yourself. The bigger your commitment to the process of the journey, the bigger the gift you will obtain in the end of the trip. So, provide yourself with carriage, honesty and power of will and come to embark the boat of the Consciousness that yearns to discover the hidden patterns of the deep sea of the Subconsciousness!

Some parts of the seminar will be:

1. First Chakra Self-acceptance, childhood traumas, relationship with wealth and money, depression, happiness, joy, empowerment and more

2. Second chakra sexuality, taboos, shameful feelings, dealing with guilt, dealing with perfectionism

3. Third Chakra self-esteem, self-worth, power of will, connection with our Higher Self, determination and purpose of life, fear that is generated by the Drama Queen and the Victim inside of us, believes that do not let us feel that we are the creators of our life

4. The stories of the Odyssey that will represent our inner partners will be Cyclops, Lotus Eaters, Lestrygones, Calypso, Circe and more

5. By the end of the course you will be given an introduction to the Akashic Records in order to start using them as a tool of Introspection and Self-knowing path

We will dance, we will play, we will find ways to express and liberate repressed emotions that still keep us to a state of deep sleep and a lot more.

It is a unique workshop designed, in a way, to help you realise how much love, magic and power is hidden behind the layers of your “no true self” so that you finally achieve to be Your Self!

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Thank you