In order to receive anything in our lives we first need to give our permission.
Even though it might sound awkward we do not always permit abundance to enter our life. There are many reasons for that, such as: lack of self-worth, fear or gaining power, fear of calling attention, lack of trust and more.
Today we will focus on “permission”! Light on your candle and observe yourself throughout all day how much you permit life to give you all that you want. You might wish, hope, write letters to the Universe in order to bring you what you desire but at the same time you might have the “doors” closed…
A couple of exercises that can help you in your observation are:

  • Answer to the question “How much is my comfort zone being in a situation of lacking than gaining?” and “What benefits do I have maintaining a comfort zone like that? (you might need to check for this answer in your inner child and the way you grew up)”
  • Do something using money that you would never do normally (buy for example something that you think you do not need it or something that you would never buy) and observe how you feel? You do not need to spend a lot of money (you can even spend less than 5 euros).
  • Dedicate a couple of minutes for this meditation “Sit
    comfortably and take a note of your local currency. Observe it while breathing deep and let thoughts and feelings come to the surface of your consciousness”
  • Observe the nature (trees, flowers, etc) and focus on “How the nature permits? How the flowers permit the rain to penetrate their roots, how the trees permit the sun to penetrate their leafs, how the sea permit the wind to move her waves and more”

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