I would be honoured to act as Priestess for your ceremony.

A priestess is a woman who has achieved the state of being a pure channel through which the Voice of the Goddess can be decoded and used as a service to the Divine.

The priestess, connected to her Spirit and using the balanced forces of earth and sky, is able to modify the components that create a reality and therefore create the reality the Spirit desires! This is the way that she does her ceremonies!


A Spiritual Priestess is free from any kind of religion, she just lives her whole life devoting herself to the Spirit as well as her Mission in this life!

A ceremony is one of the most precious encounters with the Spirit. The way that a ceremony is performed can have a profound effect on the participants.
All ceremonies are unique and designed individually for each person according their vibrational state of being, their map of life and
their mission in this life.
The ceremonies I channel and guide are:
  • Weddings (hetero and homosexual)
  • Rights of passage for girls who are entering their first menstruation
  • Inauguration and blessing of new businesses
 In all cases, each ceremony creates a specific energetic field that blesses the life of the people (or business), helping them achieve the highest state of vibration, more clarity, abundance, love and happiness.
If you are interested in having a ceremony with me please contact me at least 2 to 3 months before.