My method  “Love-me Journey” is a combination of my Love-me Reiki and Regression to Past or other lives or dimensions.  It is a way to understand, heal and liberate symptoms of an unhealthy way of life or behavior or even a physical sickness that we might be experiencing in this life.

I do not use any tools of hypnosis, I only use techniques of relaxation, meditation, power of intention and connection and guidance from your Higher Self, through the Akashic Records.

It is a Journey full of Surprises since we have no idea where the guidance and love of the Higher Self will take us.

This therapy can help in:

  • Solving and understanding ways of behavior, of this life, that do not serve us anymore
  • Releasing traumas
  • Penetrating other lives with maturity and wisdom can influence our way of expressing and feeling Unconditional Love
  • Healing our different bodies

It is a beautiful journey where we can  get in touch with the Perfection of the Divine, the Unconditional love of our Inner Creator and the Transformation that can be produced by the power of our Intention and our Faith in ourselves.

Duration: around an hour

Booking: contact the organizer depending the country you are

Method created by Agapi Elpida Apostolopoulou