With this food we will enhance our 1st and 2nd chakra and we will also give a spicy and gentle touch to our Heart…

Benefits: Awakening of Kundalini, money making, strengthen the roots to mother earth and boosts up sensuality!


1. Pumpkin: The energetic body of the pumpkin has the ability of Protection, stimulation of the Sensuality (when you feel protected your sensuality can flow more) and making money through an activity we love!

2. Potato: Grows deep inside mother earth. It contributes to our connection to our Mother Earth by strengthening our roots as well as our Pineal gland. The energetic body of the potato has the ability to help the inner child feel loved and accepted by the mother.

3. Carrots: Also grow deep inside mother earth and have the shape of a sword or a limgam…One of the best vegetables to clean ourselves from entities by using a clear “sword” coming out of the Earth. The energetic body of the carrot kills especially entities that have being passed to us through penetration (men and women)


The way i like to mix these veges is by cutting them in small pieces (try to have an almos equal amount of the three. You can only put a bit less of carrots). And placing them in the oven with some Garlic (only one or max two pieces) and Ginger (as much as you want).

You can add a yummy sause with:

Sunflower oil (to connect you to the sun)

Honey (to smoothen your heart and throat and connect you to the wisdom of the Bees)

Turmeric (to boost up your sexual energy) and some red spicy pepper (if you have Barbare that comes from Ethiopia is the best! It strengthens your energetic immune system to fight any kind of energetic attack)

Of course you can add salt or some sea water and anything else that your Soul and Heart desire!

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