In these sessions you start by sharing what is happening in the specific moment of your life. Then I guide you according your Higher Self in a healing process that can be created by:

  • .Channeling the proper information for you
  • Helping you achieve realizing the correct information and also what you can do in order to bring solutions in your life

These sessions are suitable especially for people that are in a specific path of self development and every now and then need a hand in order to go further.

After our first “chat” and if there is more time, we can go on into these questions:

  1. Which is my purpose in this life?
  2. What blockages do I have from my childhood that affect me in my present moment of life?
  3. How can I love myself more deeply and heal my luck of self-esteem, self-worth, self-appreciation, etc
  4. What kind of relationship I used to have in past lives with certain people that I also know in my present life?
  5. How can I clean myself from possible attacks of low vibration energies?
  6. How can I heal myself from a possible sickness?
  7. Which are the programs what are hidden in my subconscious mind and affect my relationship with money?
  8. How much do I love myself and how much do I want to sabotage my self?
  9. What prevents me from doing my next step in my journey of self growth right now?
  10. What would I not like to see or hear right now regarding my ‘shadow’ and the “bad” or “not accepted” part of my self?
  11. How can I come closer to the fact that I am the only creator of my reality without the influence of my egocentric “fake” self.

These sessions are not a way to know the future (at least I am not focusing on that).

The future depends on you, what you can do in order to create a better future is to create a better present.