Meditate by using the senses!

Unfortunately most spiritual paths lead people to a connection with the Divine outside the body. The Divine cannot be found outside the body, on the contrary, the fastest way for a person to get in touch with Divinity are the senses of the body.

When we use the senses like doors that lead us to the temple of the Divine Self, we increase the function of the right hemisphere of the brain that is responsible for our connection to our Higher Self.

1. Sight: Gaze something beautiful, breath and do not think of anything. Just be there in the present moment inside your body!

2. Hearing: Listen to a music or a song and go deep inside the sound. Breath and be in the present moment! Try to avoid thoughts. If thoughts come just let them pass.

3. Smell: Smell something that you like and allow images to rise from the specific smell. Be careful with this sense because you might get dizzy.

4.Taste: Eat something that you like. Feel it in your mouth. Imagine that the whole universe resides in your mouth. What is the texture?, the temperature?, the feeling?

5. Touch: Caress yourself with eyes closed. In this case feel like all universe is where your fingers touch your skin. Breath deeply and just observe the sensation.

In all cases is good to set a time limit and use an alarm for that.

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