If we are the creators of our Reality then one of the biggest tools for the creation is the Power of Intention!

When we used to be kids we were “creating” all the time by playing archetypes and situations that did not belong to the real world but who says what the real world is???

Today quantum physics tells us that everything that happens to our external reality is just a reflection of our internal reality. And who knows? when we where children (with less influence of a structured-solid illusionary reality of the Matrix) we could really play with unicorns, fairies, the spider man, snow-white, and more. Besides EVERYTHING is real the moment that we believe that is.

There are many different ways to create realities… We can meditate on what we want, paint it, play it as a theater creating the energetic archetypal blueprint, COOK it and more.

In this part of my web i will give you ideas on how to create realities through COOKING!

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