The vibration of the planet is no longer the same.
Since the beginning of 2020, we have entered a period of a deep conflict between the “evil” and the “good” (the low and the high vibration). There is an energetic “war” happening, in different dimensions, between the vibration of Love and the vibration of Fear.
The situation we are experiencing lately is like pulling a rope from one side, towards the extreme edge of the awakening of humanity and simultaneously pulling it the other side, towards the part that does not want to die. This is exactly what many people are experiencing internally. Many of us feel an immense pull towards growth and love and at the same time, we cannot make easily peace with the uncertainty, the lack of control, and the fear that the new “COVID” situation has created.
It is a matter of time the rope to totally end at one side, and I strongly hope that this would be the side of Awakening!
We can all contribute to that by continuing our work of self-growth, by staying away from toxic people and information, by connecting to nature, by meditating, keeping a healthy diet, and more.
In September, and especially the period after the New moon (17th of September) our planet will receive a wave of sacred-feminine energy that will help the process of this awakening.
On that period, people who live in a more conscious way will be called to answer to the questions:

  • Aren’t you tired to constantly be in a battle with the Spirit and seek the victory of your Ego?
  • Are you ready to acknowledge that the planet you are living on is a vivid planet that you constantly destroy? And you do that, not only with your actions but also with your thoughts and your suppressed emotions!
  • Are you ready to drop all the programs of your mind and finally visit and reside your Heart?

I strongly recommend you allow this energy to penetrate you!  Surrender to the sweet return of the Goddess, who only yearns to reconstruct a healthier relationship with God on our beautiful planet and inside our hearts.
Remember, what is happening outside is what is happening inside. If most of us work on healing and raising the internal vibration we can all contribute to a rapid global change!
You can also follow the suggestions in my article of the Fall equinox.

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