The moment of menstruation is a powerful moment during the woman’s cycle.
Depending on the relationship that the woman has with her femininity, her blood will have a specific vibration. A woman, for example, who feels that her blood is “dirty” she would normally have a blood of a very low vibration. On the contrary, a woman who honors her blood would accordingly have it of a higher vibration.
In a few words, the blood of a woman can be sacred and the best medicine for her, or just blood full of emotions of guilt, shame, fear, and humiliation.
Having sex while menstruating can be a very powerful act if your blood is sacred. A sacred-blood has the ability to bless, heal, and purify your partner if he is open and receptive (same can happen with sacred semen).


Do’s and don’ts while having sex during menstruation:

  • Open a sacred space, using incense and a candle, and close it after your lovemaking
  • Do not have sex with more than one partner
  • Avoid having kinky sex while menstruating
  • Listen to your intuition and allow the Sacred vibe of the blood to guide you throughout the whole process. You won’t believe how healthy and therapeutic this can be!

Remember, it all depends on your vibration! The menstrual blood can be a powerful tool for a deep transformation when is used with honor, respect, and consciousness. High vibration blood can heal issues in the relationship, as well as health problems in both partners.
If you are interested in deepening in transformative work with your femininity and your blood press here.

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