A shaman is a person who can support people’s journey of deep inner transformation.
There are many therapists that call themselves “shaman” but they not all serve the Highest Divine.




What makes a shaman real:

A real “shaman” is the one who has already done a deep and profound self knowing journey and healing on himself. That means that he has jumped consciously into his childhood traumas, beliefs, religious and social influences and the programming of the collective unconscious. Due to the fact that this is a huge part of ourselves and the journey never ends, the person that is interested in shamanism has to dedicate all his/her life in a constant self-knowing process.

If the Shaman is not aware of her/his “shadow” (subconscious part) not only can not hold space for others to access their own “shadow”, but his subconscious hidden influence can take the lead of the process and manipulate others.

Especially when a Shaman works as a channel, in order to download information for others or he/she uses hallucinate plants, it is even more necessary to keep his/her “channel” clean from traumas, emotional stagnations, beliefs and low vibration “influences”. If not, there is the possibility to get confused between what his/her intuition says and what his/her “low vibration side” says!



Women and men shaman:
A woman is more adequate to be a shaman due to the anatomy of her “cyclic” function of her body. The variety of energy that her menstrual cycle contains and her connection to the Earth makes it easy for her to access the wisdom of her Intuition.

Nevertheless in order to be a descent shaman she needs (consciously and subconsciously) to:

  • Balance all the archetypes of her cycle
  • Act without fear in the name of the Mother Earth
  • Have a “clean” sexual energy that uses it as a tool of creativity and healing and not in order to manipulate others
  • Accept and embrace her inner Kali, that is able to see beyond the masks and the shadow of the others
  • Overpass any influence of the Patriarchic period, especially the one that refers to the menstrual blood and the sacredness of being a woman
  • Heal any unhealthy cord with mother and father

In case of a man he needs (consciously and subconsciously) to:

  • Create an “energetic” womb that helps him access better the wisdom and clarity of his intuition
  • “Clean” his sexuality and whatever resides on the background
  • Heal any unhealthy “cord” with father and especially mother
  • Honor Mother Earth instead of “stepping” on her
  • Achieve a deep cleansing of the Patriarchic influence inside of him, especially the programing of authority, competition, fake superiority and fear towards the Feminine.