What the nature taught me was “simplicity”!
Being simple is being myself without any more stories, ideas, preocupations, emotions, obstacles…
Just me and my own nature!
My own nature depends a lot from the way that I connect with the outside nature.
When I reached the forest I realised how disconnected I used to be! How much my first chakra was yearning for a deeper connection with the earth, how much “living in a town” full of unnatural conditions can destroy my inner health (sentimental, physical, mental and spiritual).
I love big cities but I realized how important is to visit now and then nature in order to boost up batteries!
The most important realization was not that…but my rejection to my real strength that was connected to the deep strength, love and acceptability of the Earth.
I realized that there was a moment in my life that I felt rejected from the Earth (of course it was just my impression, the Earth could never reject me), I felt i was not worth to have Her love, abundance, life and vitality, I felt more drawn to the Sky…
Now I was ready to come back!
I hope my words touch the simplicity inside you and give a small awakening to anything you are ready to awake!
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