The Sparkling touch of Life

A seminar that uses the practises of the ancient wisdom of Tantra as a tool for the preparation of the individual to receive an Initiation into the Sacred dimension of the Akashic Records.




“When using the senses with an open heart not to go out, but to go in,  exploring what is touched inside, the door to the Divine opens widely”


Most of us are already on a path of self-healing and transformation.  Sometimes this path can confuse us and make us loose our connection to the Earth, to the wisdom of our Heart and to the enjoyment of life!

We will re-educate ourselves to find the natural balance between Spirit and Body that is the only place where the alchemy of transformation can happen!

“The body is spirit turned upside down and the spirit is body turned upside down. What you are in your body is a mirror of your spirit. How you are in your spirit is a mirror of your body.”
 Ma-Ananda Sarita

For the last thousands of years, most religions situated “paradise” as a place somewhere “out there” in far away heavens. This had as a result to create a delusion that through the years made us disconnect from the sacredness of our body, from the essence of real life and the power of our Sacred Sexuality, that is the tool in order to connect our Reality with our inner Creator and viceversa.

In this workshop we will reconnect with our Spirit, passing through the holiness of our Body and accepting it as Sacred – Divine Temple!

In this highly transformative retreat (3 to 4 days) or workshop (1 or 2 days) we:
• Reconnect more to our Higher Self and learn to channel the Information
• Develop a strong grounding instead of flying in the imaginary spaces of our spiritual ego-mind
• Liberate our sexuality, connect it with the heart and realize it as the most powerful life force energy that the Spirit uses as the main tool of creating our reality
• Find love inside every cell and awaken the divine intelligence of our body that heals everything inside and outside
• Learn to be more authentic in our relationships, to ask for what we need to be satisfied and to put limits and boundaries that keep us healthy
• and just have fun!

I will use techniques:
• Tantra – using the senses as a door to the Divine
• Shamanism – connecting to the power of our naturally healthy Higher Self
• Different kinds of therapies – realigning the body physically and energetically (especially equilibrating the chakra system)
• Conscious body movements – creating higher awareness
• Dance – celebrating every moment of life
• Active meditations
• Group regression to other lives


In case of the retreat:
We will end the workshop with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in order to experience how is to live in a body with an open Heart.
Cacao is a Sacred Teacher plant that opens the heart and allows ecstasy and love to enter our being. Combined with ancient tantric practices the doors to the divine can open widely and help us realize our true nature in the oneness of existence.


With an Initiation into the Dimension of the Akasha that will help us reconnect to Ourselves and channel the Sacred Information of the Source.