Having a relationship is not something that we initiate and then we forget.
A relationship is like a plant, if you do not water it it will die!

Some tips for a successful relationship are:
1. Create quality time for the relationship. Note in your agenda appointments during the week that you can see and get intimate with your partner. Take it seriously and organize accordingly the rest of your program. If you, for example, have children find someone to stay with them.
It is sad how we can find time for other activities and not for our partner!

2. Always take the responsibility of your triggers! In a relationship there are not only two people relating, but four. The two adults and their inner children.Know and heal your inner child so that you do not allow yourself to behave in an immature way is a must for a succesful relationship and life!

3. Communicate! a clear communication is one of the most important elements of a healthy relationship.

4. Ask for help! if you reached a limit where you do not know what to do in order to save your relationship ask help from a professional whom you trust and feel that can help you.

A way that I could help you create a beautiful and happy relationship is with my project: “The Happy Couple”

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